Sometimes I get an itch about something. Maybe there’s nothing I can do about it, but at least I can jot down what I’m thinking.  What you will see here are musings about faith, history, politics, family, comings and goings, hopes, dreams, and despairs. (UPDATE – I’ve now also decided to add my series of reflections on the Sunday Readings and rename my blog Peace Connections, the name by which they were first published back in the late 90s. I will edit for context as necessary. Peace Connections is a compilation of reflections that correlate the Sunday liturgy readings with issues of peace and justice. While theologically informed, they take more of a pastoral approach aimed at the person in the pew. They have been widely used in small Christian Community studies, school chapel services, personal devotions, as homily helps and bulletin inserts.)

My interest in pro-life, justice, mission and ministry goes back to my childhood days. I was raised Catholic, influenced deeply by Capuchin missionaries, and called to ministry when I was eight years old. I sojourned for a number of years among the Mennonites and owe much to those dear brothers and sisters. After a season I returned to the Catholic communion, missing the sacramental – incarnational approach to life and faith.  I’ve been serving in diocesan leadership as an agency director with the Catholic Diocese of Joliet in Illinois for nearly a quarter century, bringing leadership to Respect Life, Justice & Peace, and Missions.

My avocation is American history with a primary focus on the political dimensions of the Revolutionary and Civil War periods. Both these eras continued to be dynamic for the political and cultural crises of today.

I welcome your reflection and conversation.

Thomas L. Garlitz


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